Today’s Papers – Small Milan, Fiorentina fourth, Allegri believes

Gazzetta dello Sport Little Devil Small Milan: Jovic saves them in Salerno at the 90th...

Today’s Papers – Small Milan, Fiorentina fourth, Allegri believes

Gazzetta dello Sport

Little Devil

Small Milan: Jovic saves them in Salerno at the 90th

Only a draw with Ibra in the stands

Tomori injured too

Cardinale is not happy

Pioli: ‘We have to wake up’

New pairing

Without Lautaro, Inzaghi launches Arna-Thuram against Lecce

Allegri believes

‘Second place? I won’t settle for that’

Yildiz temptation as Juventus face Frosinone

Fiorentina coup worth fourth place

Lazio get back on track

Today Toro take on Udinese

Goosebumps and goals in RomaNapoli

Teams in crisis, Lukaku or Osi: Who will get back on their feet?

Mini League

So many big clubs against the Super League

There are still doubts: all of England turns against it, with Germany and France

The FIGC opposes the plan, with support from the Government

Cairo: ‘I defend football. The nobility of clubs? We are not in the 700s’

Corriere dello Sport

Everybody in

Jovic saves Pioli

Fiorentina are fourth

Milan draw in Salerno (2-2) fires up the Champions League race

Today Roma-Napoli and BolognaAtalanta

Ibra has no effect: Rossoneri take the lead through Tomori, turned around by Fazio and Candreva

Late on the Serbian’s goal

Beltran decisive in Monza (1-0)

Lazio conquer Empoli (0-2)

Ancelotti: ‘It is a positive change for everyone’

The Super League is already divisive

Real Madrid coach is convinced: ‘The end of the monopoly can be good’

Allegri thinking about Yildiz with Milik

Juve in Frosinone and Inter with Lecce: Chiesa and Lautaro out of action

The 18-year-old Turkey international could complete a partnership with Arek (less likely the Polish striker with Vlahovic)

Inzaghi hopes for Thuram assists to cheer Arnautovic’s first goals


Juve, the Super League is Frosinone

Chiesa out: ‘He is not relaxed…’

Allegri can launch Yildiz

While the European Court of Justice sentence wreaks havoc, the Bianconeri can no longer fail when chasing down Inter, who host Lecce

The kids from the youth academy loaned to Di Francesco are dangerous and the strike force is decimated: but Rabiot returns

Max: ‘We must not switch off mentally the way we did with Genoa

Problems increase for Inzaghi: after Lautaro, Dimarco is hurt too

Football is split: ‘UEFA will have to reach an agreement’

Abete: ‘I know how this works, dialogue will suit everyone’

Reichart: ‘Strong pressure, but many call me…’

Jovic saves Pioli, but this is not good enough for Cardinale

Draw and another injury to Tomori

City take the world too, Pep is a cannibal

Fluminense beaten 4-0: fifth trophy of 2023

First Club World Cup for Manchester City, who end a legendary year

Guardiola has his place in history

Zapata-Sanabria, Toro forward

‘Juric and Cairo? They will renew’

In order to really dream, they must beat Udinese too

Marino, ex-director of the Friulani, is convinced the Croatian coach will continue his Granata adventure

‘Now that Duvan is back to making the difference, Europe is within their grasp’

Ivan loses Linetty, but fires up the fans