Soha Ali Khan's Heavy-Duty Workout With Lunges Might Be The Best Way To End 2023 On A Fit Note

Soha Ali Khan's power-packed workout video is the only motivation we need

Soha Ali Khan's Heavy-Duty Workout With Lunges Might Be The Best Way To End 2023 On A Fit Note

Soha Ali Khan's consistent boost of energy is a part of an intense fitness circuit. From her weekly workouts to constant challenges, her workout journey is the best motivation one needs to get back on track. Her well-rounded fitness regimen is high on energy and is a mix of everything; from cardio to Pilates and much more. While the year-end period calls for parties every week followed by scrumptious bingeing, Soha Ali Khan is inspiring us all to hit the gym before we indulge in those delectable cookies and cakes. Seasons don't matter when it comes to Soha's routine. She recently uploaded a workout video which ultimately gave us "no pain, no gain" vibes. She started off with a variation of a side step-up workout that is a great way to warm up and helps in improving leg muscles.

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She then did a variation of TRX ropes in which she kept moving while doing the exercise as it helps build intensity. This workout is a great way to strengthen your arm muscles.

Next up was a circuit of moving jumps that she did on one leg. It might look easy but it takes a lot to maintain the balance while getting the form right. It is a cardio exercise that targets all the muscles and helps in burning those calories.

No workout is complete without some spot jogging and trust Soha to amp it up for you. She did a variation of the same with a dumbbell in one hand and in a slightly inclined position.

Next up on her workout list was lunges. We cannot emphasise enough how important these are for the leg muscles. Soha used a resistance band to amplify her form.

She then did a variation of burpees in which she used kettlebells for support. It targets all body muscles and the weighted variation also helps to strengthen the body.

The actress has always been vocal about transition in her workout regimens. She talks about her fav fitness routine post pregnancy and also what exercise she loves doing with her daughter.