New search may solve mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 'within days'

New search may solve mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 'within days'

New search may solve mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 'within days'

Aerospace experts Jean-Luc Marchand and pilot Patrick Blelly have proposed a swift 10-day search to solve the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared in 2014.

The pair, presenting their findings before the Royal Aeronautical Society, believe a purposeful hijacking and controlled ditching in a deep ocean could explain the disappearance. Advocating for a new search, they point to an area that they consider a plausible trajectory for the missing plane.

The proposed search aligns with a belief that the plane’s transponder was deliberately turned off, and the sudden change in direction was not autopilot-driven.

The experts call upon the Australian Transport Safety Authority, the Malaysian government, and exploration company Ocean Infinity to initiate the new search. Ocean Infinity, which expressed interest in restarting its search on a ‘no find, no fee’ basis, could benefit from using its unmanned sub-nautical search technology in this endeavor.

The proposed search area is based on the assumption that the plane was purposefully hijacked and downed in a remote location to minimize visibility and debris.

In a separate report, researchers Richard Godfrey, Dr. Hannes Coetzee, and Professor Simon Maskell suggest a new search area off the Australian coast, using ‘groundbreaking’ radio technology.

Reports say, their findings, based on weak signal propagation reporter (WSPR) data, propose a location about 1560km west of Perth. The researchers believe this technology, developed over three years, provides credible new evidence, aligning with analyses by Boeing and drift analyses by the University of Western Australia.

The disappearance of MH370 remains one of aviation’s enduring mysteries, with theories ranging from terrorist hijacking to remote island capture. Speculations around the pilot’s role, family connections, and purposeful ditching persist, but none conclusively answer the mystery.

The proposed new searches offer a renewed hope in uncovering the truth behind the fate of Flight MH370, which went dark, diverted from its intended path, and was never found after running out of fuel in the vast Indian Ocean.