Masaba Gupta's Christmas Dinner Soiree: A Feast Fit For Royalty

Masaba Gupta and her husband Satyadeep Misra recently hosted a festive dinner party at their place.

Masaba Gupta's Christmas Dinner Soiree: A Feast Fit For Royalty

With Christmas just around the corner, the festive vibes are in full swing. People are getting all set to throw lively dinners and celebrations, decking their homes with twinkling lights and festive decorations for that cosy and inviting feel. It's that time when families and friends gather, relishing delicious meals, swapping heartfelt gifts, and making memories that last. Masaba Gupta and her husband Satyadeep Misra recently added to the festive cheer by hosting a delightful dinner party at their place.  An Instagram Story, by pastry chef Puja Dhingra, showcased a table loaded with a feast fit for royalty, featuring a variety of Christmas recipes that added a culinary touch to the festivities.

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The table was a food lover's paradise, boasting cheese platters with an assortment of cheese, crackers, nuts, and some fruit delights with grapes, berries, kiwis, and seasonal fruits. Oranges, chocolates, and a variety of dips added to the culinary extravaganza. The festive touch included adorable Christmas trees made of cream cheese, complete with charming bows. From sweets to chocolates, everything had a health-conscious twist, in line with Masaba's commitment to a balanced lifestyle. The spread not only satisfied taste buds but also embodied a friendly blend of festive indulgence and wellness. The table was decorated with white flowers in glass jars, along with traditional masks and scattered candles. 

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Masaba Gupta and her husband, standing on opposite ends of the table, created a picture-perfect setting. Chef Dhingra's caption, "What a night," encapsulated the joy of coming together, relishing delicious food, and creating cherished memories during this holiday season. 

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