Drake at your fingertips: Microsoft's Copilot can now create songs, music based on texts

Drake at your fingertips: Microsoft's Copilot can now create songs, music based on texts

Drake at your fingertips: Microsoft's Copilot can now create songs, music based on texts

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Microsoft has recently announced a strategic partnership with Suno, introducing innovative AI-powered music creation capabilities to the ever-evolving Copilot platform.

This latest development integrates the Suno plugin into Microsoft Copilot, offering users the ability to craft personalized songs effortlessly through the assistance of prompts.

This musical enhancement is part of a series of AI-driven updates unveiled for Microsoft Copilot, a comprehensive AI companion that consolidates various AI services, including the Bing Chat AI chatbot, into a unified platform.

In a blog post released on Tuesday, Microsoft detailed how the Suno plugin empowers Copilot users to generate complete songs, complete with lyrics, instrumentals, and vocals, based on a single sentence prompt.

A distinctive feature of this collaboration is that users need not possess musical expertise to embark on their creative musical journey with the AI assistant.

Microsoft explained that Suno utilizes the provided prompt to seamlessly compose a full song, aligning with the cues embedded in the user’s input.

To activate the Suno plugin on Microsoft Copilot, users can navigate to copilot.microsoft.com, sign in to their Microsoft account, and toggle on the Suno plugin or simply click on the Suno logo that invites them to “Make music with Suno.”

Subsequently, users can employ prompts to specify the genre and theme, enabling them to craft the song tailored to their preferences.

According to the blog post, the Suno plugin for Microsoft Copilot has commenced its rollout to select users and is expected to become widely accessible in the coming weeks.

In a recent update earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled additional features for Copilot in celebration of its one-year milestone. Among the upcoming enhancements is the integration of OpenAI’s latest model, GPT-4 Turbo, which equips Copilot to tackle more intricate and lengthier tasks.

Furthermore, Copilot is set to incorporate the new DALL-E 3 model for image generation, promising richer visuals that closely align with user prompts.

In a significant move last September, Microsoft seamlessly integrated Copilot into its Windows 11 operating system. This integration not only brought the chatbot directly into the Windows 11 environment but also introduced updates to the MS Paint app, enhancing it with support for layers and graphics generation. The Snipping Tool, a screenshot utility, was also enriched with AI-based features such as text extraction and redaction.

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