Christmas 2023: How To Maintain Healthy Diet And Routine Around Christmas

Let's discuss some easy ways in which you can ensure you follow a healthy diet around Christmas.

Christmas 2023: How To Maintain Healthy Diet And Routine Around Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner. This means endless parties and delicious desserts and drinks that are hard to resist. Nothing beats the chilly winter like high-calorie sugary Christmas desserts. However, overindulgence during Christmas can lead to weight gain, heartburn, high sugar levels, and various other health issues.

You can avoid suffering from any of these issues by consciously avoiding overindulging. There are small lifestyle and diet changes that can help you stay on track. Let's discuss some easy ways in which you can ensure you follow a healthy diet around Christmas.

Follow these tips to ensure a healthy diet through the Christmas season:

1. Focus on good gut health

With every meal, make sure to add foods that boost the health of your gut microbes. Make sure to add a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and fermented foods to your diet. Continuously consuming fatty and sugary unhealthy foods can reduce our ability to digest these foods properly. 

2. Don't skip meals

From a calorie-counting point of view, it might seem smart to skip meals to compensate for indulging in Christmas foods and drinks. However, that just gives you more room to overeat and overindulge in unhealthy foods.

3. Drink ample water

There is an endless list of benefits of drinking ample water. Few benefits of drinking ample water come in handy during Christmas. For example, good water intake helps reduce overeating and may also aid digestion. They might also help fight dehydration caused by eating high-sodium and sugary foods as well as alcohol. 

4. Move

You must exercise daily to ensure your weight stays healthy and so does your overall physical and mental health. However, a strict workout routine can be difficult around the holidays. You can try to engage in at least one physical activity daily. Choose activities that you enjoy and would stay motivated to perform. 

5. Eat responsibly

The body takes about 20 minutes to recognise that it's full. This can often lead to overeating. So, instead of solely relying upon body cues. Make sure to eat slowly, chew properly, and take small portions. Portion control may also help you indulge in a high variety of foods without overeating. 

6. Have a filling breakfast

As you may already know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you must eat as much as your heart desires. Although make sure you are eating healthy and filling foods. Eating a filling breakfast will help you feel and stay full for a long period of time. This might help avoid unnecessary eating.

7. Go healthier

It can be hard to resist the unhealthy and delicious Christmas delights especially if you are outside or with friends and family. However, try to opt for healthier options. For example, between white bread and wheat, pick wheat. Indulging during Christmas can be filling as well as healthy. 

8. Drink smartly

Many of us often forget to measure the calories we might consume through alcohol. Be it the liquor or the mixer. You can opt for liquors that have comparatively fewer calories. Also, you might want to avoid high-sugar cocktails or mixers. 

Add these tips to your daily routine to stay healthy through the Christmas and festive seasons.

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