"Best Christmas Gift Ever": UK Mother Celebrates 8-Year-Old Daughter's 'Bionic' Arm

Thalia Coultas, who was born with only one full arm, became the youngest person in the United Kingdom to receive a $16,500 bionic "hero arm".

"Best Christmas Gift Ever": UK Mother Celebrates 8-Year-Old Daughter's 'Bionic' Arm

Eight-year-old British girl Thalia Coultas, born with one arm, is eagerly waiting for a beautiful and easier Christmas experience after receiving a high-tech bionic "hero arm" from Open Bionics last November, making her the youngest person in the UK to be fitted with such technology.

Now, after a year of practice, Thalia has strengthened the necessary muscles, showcasing her newfound ability to cut her own food—something she plans to proudly display by independently slicing up her Christmas turkey. 

According to The New York Post, for Thalia's mother, Kerrie Coultas, each milestone achieved with the bionic arm reinforces its status as the "best Christmas present" Thalia has ever received. 

“It has taken her time to build and train the muscles in her forearm to use it,” Thalia's mother, 41-year-old Kerrie Coultas, said. “Now she can hold a knife and fork, do up her coat, and open presents—simple things we all take for granted.”

She quipped, “Amazingly, it hasn't helped her tidy her room, though!”

Now, Thalia can unwrap her Christmas gifts on Monday morning using both hands, and she's even looking forward to independently cutting into her holiday dinner all by herself.

“It's completely changed her life—she has always been independent, but it gives her an extra option if she's struggling,” Kerrie continued.

“This year will be a reminder that no Christmas present will top that one for a long time.”

According to the NY Post, the family experimented with several robotic arms previously, but none functioned properly. It was only when Thalia expressed interest in a "robot arm" that the family, residing in Selby, North Yorkshire, decided to explore Open Bionics. Typically, the company doesn't offer "hero arms" to children under 8 years old, but they made an exception for Thalia.